Handmade , Plant-based , Bespoke

My Great Grandmother Julianna lived until the age of 114. She had no health issues aside from the fact her vision was poor. If she had worn UV protected spectacles or polarised sunglasses she would have been functioning at full health. She is the reason for our obsession for eyewear.

We have a range of acetate frames and also produce custom bespoke frames, of which no two are the same.

  • Acetate

    Our spectacles are handmade from Italian Acetate. The reason we have chosen to go down the handmade route is purely the quality. The material is much more flexible and strong in comparison with some of the other plastics used in the industry.

    We also like the idea of a product that is not perfect. #Wabi-sabi. The idea that two products may look identical but will always have their slight differences due to them being hand made or hand crafted. We will start with a few popular and a few wacky shapes then we plan to release a bespoke range in the near future.

  • Aim

    To provide sustainable plant based handmade eyewear. We aim become the number one online seller for handmade specs sunglasses and prescription lenses. Our price point, experience and attention to detail is what differentiates us from the rest. not to mention we have a very high flexible grade of acetate to increase the longevity of our frames (and you'll also look great in them).

  • Production

    With nearly 20 years experience in the industry we have managed to source top quality lenses at a very competitive price point. Many customers are very shocked at how much we can save them. Also having always worked in optics we have a good idea of current trends and styles and feel we have a product to suit every face shape. Even for those who say ‘glasses don’t suit me’. Over the years we have noticed that size, specifically width of frames have been an issue for many people so we have created a range that factors this in.

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